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Poker Pai gow poker

This variation of poker has its roots in the ancient Chinese dominoes game, Pai Gow.However, it has merged with American Poker to evolve into the modern game of paigow poker. Variations of pai gow poker started appearing around the mid 1800′s,but started getting popular in 1986 in the card rooms of California. By 1987,pai gow poker was in the casinos of Las Vegas. In the following years, Atlantic City also accepted pai gow poker into it’s casinos. Although it is a simple game,pai gow poker offers many strategic options. This gives you the option to play conservatively and maximize your playing time for little money, or go for thequick win.
The game pai gow
poker is played with a 53-card deck consisting of a standard 52-card deck with 1 wild card. A blackjack-sized table is used in pai gow poker, with room for six players to play at once. The object of pai gow poker is to split your hand into a five-card hand and a two card hand with both hands beating the dealer’s two hands to win.The original game of pai gow poker, which uses a unique set of dominos, is symbolic, enigmatic,and difficult to learn. While, pai gow poker, on the other hand, uses a regular deck of cards and is based on standard poker hands. It is comparatively easy to learn and play.

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