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As you are already probably aware, there is a countless number of so called casinos and sports books online, that are nothing but guaranteed places for you to get completely RIPPED OFF. These are also known as SCAMS.

As there is little or almost no control over knowing who is who on the internet, we here at SELECTIVE CASINOS have gone out of our way and compiled what we can call a list of the most reputable and the up and coming casinos and sports books on-line.

After having nearly 5 years in the Internet gaming area, we have been able to seek and locate just where to play and where to not play. This we believe should be knowledge shared and make Internet gambling the most pleasurable and hassle free experience possible for you, the player.

We have actual accounts at all casinos listed on our site. We feature only the best casinos available. All casinos have been tested and each month we feature what we believe to be the top 6 and we offer short, written reviews available for those 6, found on our reviews page.

We let you know where not to play as well and why. We also have a page designed exclusively to let you know just where to find the best value for your dollar. This will aid you in knowing immediately where to find the best bonus!As an active player, we are sure that you will recognize some of our listed casinos, we are also sure that you will understand just how valuable this information can be to you.

Oh Yeah, did we forget to mention that this informative source is absolutely FREE!! That's right. This will not cost you anything! Go ahead, check us out and find out why we have invited you to belong to such an exclusive club!

We have close relationships with all casinos listed here. Should you ever encounter any problem whatsoever, contact us immediately to act as your intermediate in your problem. We have NEVER encountered any wrongdoings with any of these sites and for that , we are proud to call these casinos our friends!

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