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Caribbean Stud Poker

As the name implies, Caribbean Stud Poker originated in the Caribbean Islands and on cruise ships that plied those waters. Because Caribbean stud poker is not especially favorable for the player, when Las Vegas casinos adopted Caribbean stud poker, they added a progressive jackpot sweetener.

Although the jackpot doesn’t benefit the Caribbean stud poker player that much, it has helped to make the gamepopular enough to become a pretty standard offering in Nevada and other gambling jurisdictions. As we enter the information age, the internet is quickly becoming part of human lifestyle and Caribbean stud poker can be found on online casinos.

Some online casinos offer free Caribbean stud poker games for novices to practice.

The forerunner of Poker was a 16th century European three-card game called primera (Spain) or
primero (England).

There was betting and valued hands were three of a kind, pairs,and three of the same suit: a flux (later flush). By the 18th century the betting and bluffing aspects of the game had been incorporated in such five-card games
as Brag (England), Pochen (Germany), and Poque (France).

The importance of bluffing
(betting with a poor hand) is shown by the fact that pochen means “to bluff.”
The game was carried
to North America in the 18th century by French colonists to the Louisiana territory,
the American term being a corruption of Poque. The game spread north up the Mississippi
River and West as the country developed. By 1834 it was adapted to the 52-card
deck and from the mid 19th century on it was described in books on card games.
At first it was a game for men only, but by the mid 20th century it was played
by women as well. It is the classic game in all Western films.
Poker was taken
back to Europe when Robert C. Schenck, U.S. minister to Great Britain, introduced
it to members of the court of Queen Victoria in the early 1870s. A set of rules
written by Schenck was the first book on the game.
The rank of hands
in the original European games was supplanted (in descending order) by four of
a kind; full house (three of a kind and a pair); three of a kind; two pairs; one
pair; and no pair (high card winning). Later the straight (five cards in sequence
regardless of suit) and the flush were introduced, ranking, respectively, above
three of a kind. Additional rounds of betting were also introduced.
Caribbean Stud
Poker Rules
In this
style of poker, a favorite in the Caribbean and aboard cruise ships, each player
plays against the dealer and not against the other players. In Caribbean Poker
you place an ante, receive a hand, and then decide whether or not you would like
to bet. If you bet and if the dealer’s hand qualifies (contains and Ace/King combination
or better), your hand will be compared to the dealer’s. If you win, your payoff
will be determined by the quality of your hand.
How to Play
1) Place a wager, this is called the ante.
2) Each player
and the dealer is dealt their own five-card hand. One of the dealer’s cards is
face up the other four are face down.
3) Decide to stay
in or fold. If you fold you forfeit your ante. If you stay in you must add to
your bet double the amount of the ante.
4) (assuming the
player is still in), the dealer looks at his/her cards. If the dealer does not
have at least an ace/king then the player automatically wins even money on the
ante and the additional wager is returned. If the dealer does have at least ace/king
then a comparison is made between the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand. If
the player has the higher hand he/she wins even money on the ante, and the additional
wager pays according to the payoff rates. If the dealer’s hand beats the player’s
hand he loses both the ante and raise.

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